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Lumberjack Tree Services just finished clearing my 62 year old Blue spruce tree. It was blown down in the storm of March 12-13, 2019. Andrew & Randy did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. The cleanup was awesome!! I would highly recommend Lumberjack Tree Services. Great company.

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Marilyn B

We called Andrew on a Saturday morning following the recent blizzard, inquiring about having our pine tree removed from the front yard after the 90 mph wind uprooted it. After calling other tree services, and being told it would be almost $1,000 to remove it, Andrew told me he could come that afternoon and would only charge us a fraction of what the others quoted. He was on time, very informative, friendly,  and did a wonderful job and was very thorough in the clean up process. We will definately call him again for future services. We highly recommend him. Thank you for making our life easier!

by Rebecca on Blank Business Name

We hired Lumberjack Tree Services to remove a large Elm Tree on one of our Rental Properties. Andrew, the owner gave us a really great price, and removed the 70 plus foot tree in one day with his Bucket Truck. His crew cleaned up the entire job site, and hauled away all of the brush and debris. There was absolutely no damage to our house or yard, and we are totally satisfied. I would recommend Lumberjack Tree Services in the future. You will not be disappointed!

by Randy C. on Blank Business Name

Lumberjack Tree Services did an amazing job at a very fantastic price, and below his competition.I was impressed with the professional attitude they all took, and completed the job as promised. I don't doReviews very often, except when I get excellent customer service like I received from Lumberjack Tree Services.The clean up left my yard the cleanest it's been in years. Thanks to Randie and her (my) big rake.Yes, I will use them again. They are a local Fountain Business with the shop located next to Dove Witt Funeral Home.Thank you.Randy

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Bruce M

Andrew is a tough worker, and really knowledgeable on trees. He recommended exactly what I needed for my front and back yard. He gave me a fair price, and I am completely satisfied with the tree removal and clean-up as well. Count on him to take the big boys down. Call him today-  you will not be disappointed!!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Melissa B

I would recommend Lumberjack Tree Service any day. What great customer service and quality work. Andrew really took the time and listened to what I wanted done and more than achieved my goals.

by Jackie Haviland on Blank Business Name

I would really give Lumberjack Tree Service a 10 if there were that many stars! I interviewed with 4 different companies, before choosing Lumberjack. Let me just call him Andrew! I wouldn't say the other companies were not good , because I didn't use them, but Andrew stood out a head above. First, I met with his sales representative, and I could tell I was already leaning toward Lumberjack. Since tree trimming was new to me, I asked to meet the person who would be doing the work. He immediately called Andrew, and an hour later he was at my house. Right away, I connected with him. I found him to be business like but friendly. Very knowledgeable, but respected me in my lack of knowledge. He answered all my questions in a very clear way and even answered questions I didn't know to ask. I'm a people person and I could tell Andrew was also and cared about his customers. We talked about cost - he was very fair in pricing. Not the cheapest but I was soon to find out he as worth every bit I paid and more. I hired him! We scheduled the start date and how long it would take. I have/had two ugly Elms as I called them. The job was to trim them. He started trimming and the second tree he discovered Termites! It wasn't looking good for just a trim. He gave me several options and suggested I even call a Pest Control company to verify his findings. I could also see the damage the termites were doing. I called the pest control company and it was confirmed the best option and agreed with Andrew the tree had to come down. These trees were not small. They had been here many years and remember I called them ugly. Again, Andrew gave me a fair price. I got to watch - this tree was close to my house, close to my neighbor's house and a fence. Not one bit of damage was anywhere. His cleanup was superb. He has a two person crew that works the ground. Every branch/log as it comes down is removed from the yard. Pictures are taken of everything they move so it is put back where it was. One tree down, one beautifully trimmed. I now call it a beautiful Elm. And there was no waste of the tree. My branches all went to Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo to be used for the animals this winter.Yes and Yes I highly recommend Andrew and his crew of Lumberjack Tree Services.I could really say more, but I've given Andrew permission to use me as a reference, so call him and I'll tell you more. Better yet, hire Lumberjack Tree Services and you'll see for yourself.P.S. He even gave me a great suggestion what to do with the stump area, which I'll do in the Spring or sooner.

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Justin A

We had Andrew with Lumberjack Tree Services at our house this weekend. We hired them to clean out dead branches and do structural trimming of the two large cottonwood trees in our backyard. Andrew was very thorough with his explanation of what needed to be done and why. Andrew's knowledge of and passion for the work he does shows in every step he takes. Andrew is very safe, kept me and my family, to include our young baby in mind throughout the complete process to ensure nobody was put in danger. Andrew and his magnificent helper Randie got the job done and left my yard cleaner than it was when they got here. I would highly recommend Andrew with Lumberjack Tree Services to anyone looking to get their trees taken care of. I highly recommend Andrew for not only his price, but for his knowledge and passion as well.

by Andrew W on Blank Business Name
Andrew W

Andrew and Randy came over to my house and did a fantastic job trimming my juniper trees. They needed a lot of work to get to the shape Randy and Andrew trimmed them into. They also raked my backyard that was full of leaves, and I was very impressed by the way they cleaned up the leaves in the backyard. They blew off my walks as well in the front and the back yard. I highly recommend Lumberjack Tree Services, and the great Service the owner Andrew provides. They care about your property as much as you do. That's the difference. Give them a call!!!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Jason P

We recently bought a house in Colorado Springs that was in need of some pretty heavy-duty landscaping. In particular, we had two large 50 foot trees on our property that were encroaching onto our roof, hanging over the neighbors' yards and pressing up against some power lines. Realizing that this was more than I could take on by myself, I began to look around for help. After soliciting some other bids, I gave Lumberjack Tree Services a call, and am glad I did.Andrew arrived at my house promptly for the free inspection. I pointed out to him that in addition to the two large trees, there were numerous smaller trees and shrubs that were in need of maintenence. Andrew admitted that this would be a large job, but instead of attempting to overcharge me for his services due to the scope of the work, the price he offered was less than I had expected to pay. His reasonable quote and can-do attitude was impressive, and so I hired him.Andrew and Lumberjack Crew did not let us down during this very trying job. He and his team expertly took down the two large trees, both of which were quite challenging due to all the man-made obsticles in their path, in just a few days. Additionally, not only were the smaller trees and brush quickly addressed, but Andrew and his team meticulously raked our yard, hauled off some additional brush that we had cut down previously, removed some heavy stones that had been left behind by the old owners and even mowed our grass for us, leaving our yard looking pristine! They did not charge us a penny extra for any of this.Andrew told me numerous times that he believes that if a job needs to be done that it should be done the right way, and I applaud him for his effort in doing so. He is a man of his word, and he and his team truly delivered for us. I would not hesitate to recommend Lumberjack Tree Services to any home owner. 

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